Corrine Cora Flamer



When Cora Flamer was born on May 12, 1892, her father, James, was 45, and her mother, Sarah Sparks, was 37. 1900, Cora and her family resided in Queenstown, Queen Anne’s Maryland. Her father James was a farm laborer and her mother Sarah had 15 children and 9 was living at the time. Cora married William Oliver Acree around 1908. 1910 Cora and her family lived in Ridgely Maryland. She had three daughters with William Oliver Acree between 1909 and 1913. Her daughters Mildred I Acree, Mary Grace Acree and Olive Virginia Acree. 1920 Cora and her family lived in Denton Maryland. 1930 Cora and family continue to live in Denton. They own their house, at a value of 500 dollars. Oliver is a barber and Cora is cook for a private home.  February 11 1940 William Oliver Acree had died. Cora was a widow living in Denton by herself. Before 1950 Cora had married Anderson Harry Stanford. November 1951, Cora Stanford said that Norman North, posed as insurance agent, collected $6 from her last July and she never heard from him again. He was arrested. Cora died on July 19, 1972, in Denton, Maryland, at the age of 80, and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery Denton Caroline County Maryland. Lifelong member of Metropolitan United Methodist Church. Senior Choir and head waitress in the Church dining room for many years.

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Morgan Henry Acree


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Curtis Lee Acree Jr.

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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The Ten Percent:Free People of Color

Last night I was listening to Black ProGen Live, a group of professional genealogists who research and document African-American families, they have round tables setting (Webinar presentations) on YouTube. Black ProGen Live stated “That in 1860, there were more than 4 million enslaved people of African descent living in the United States. At the same time, there were nearly 400,000 free people of color (FPOC) living in the U.S.”   I was surprised about the 10 percent, since majority of my relatives on the Eastern Shore were free in 1860. So I went to research how many free people of color were counted in Maryland and then broken down to Caroline, Queen Anne, Dorchester and Talbot counties.

Maryland : 83,942 free people of color

Caroline County: 2,786   Queen Anne: 3,372  Dorchester:4,684  Talbot:2,964

The county with the majority of FPOC was Baltimore with a total of 29,911 FPOC

So Maryland had almost 1/4 of the 10 percent of FPOC living in United States. So here is  a list of my head of household relatives that were free people of color in the Eastern Shore Maryland.

Caroline County:

Matthew Johns and his wife Emily Ann Homer

Henrietta Lockerman

John and Sarah Lockerman

Benedict Wyatt and his wife Clementine Sarah Coker

Jame Flamer and his wife Lurette

Joseph Flamer and his wife Loretta

John Sparks and his wife Mary

Robert Matthews, he lived most of his life  in Caroline county, but in the 1860, he was working Anne  Arundel.

Wilson and Elizabeth Downes

Medford Pritchett and Mary Adeline Clark

Nathan Clark and his wife Mary Cooper

Dorchester County:

William Cephas

Those mention are head of lineages, this does not include children or siblings that are also FPOC

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The ongoing search of Major Acree’s ancestors.

It has been awhile since my last post, but I am still searching for my 4th great-grandfather Major Acree’s ancestors. Since the last post, I found a 3rd cousin Acree on 23andme  DNA. He is a male from a lineage of Acree men.  We share Robert Acree as our 2nd great grandfather.  His paternal haplogroup is E1b1b1a4, which is found in Morroco and Libya. The haplogroup did not confirm the father to son lineage to William Acree (c1710-c1767) of Hanover Co., Virginia. This leads me to believe that the Acree name was the surname of  Major’s mother and not the actual surname of Major’s father. So why do I still think I am a descendant of William Acree (c1710-c1767) of Hanover Co., Virginia. Due to DNA testing, my Major Acree’s descendants are sharing DNA with several descendants of his sons John, Abraham, and William Acree 1 in the chart below.

The first five men are presumed sons of William Acree (c1710-c1767) of Hanover Co., Virginia.

John Acree Joshua Acree Abraham Acree Isaac Acree William Acree 1 William Acree 2 Jacob Acra
will will Bible record will will Pension record Church record
Sons: Sons: Sons: Sons: Sons: Sons: Sons:
Edward* William* John* Isaac Jr. William Jr. John* John
John Jr.* Joshua Jr. James* Joshua* Shearin William Jr.* William
William* David* William Abraham John* Ephraim* Thomas*
Henly* Carter Ambrose* Peter
Leonard John* Joel

Courtesy  Charles Acree.  A Family Tree  Acree/Sachse/Hoover/Ogden/ Skipworth/Nelson/TenEyck/Williamson & Associated Families

There are two scenarios, Major’s mother might have been one of the men above daughter of European descent or his mulatto daughter. Mulatto being that her mother was of Native American/ African descent/European combination.  Major was listed as multiple race on his marriage license. Major and his family lived as Native American.

Thanks to my cousins Oscar “Bunky” Chapman Jr and his daughter Deybra Chapman, I  received a picture of my great-grandfather William Oliver Acree.

                             Acree real WilliamOliverdea60da7-108e-43c0-87ed-06c453a57805

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Thomas Acree

Pamunkey Blogger

(all possible names listed: scattergun method)

(“Res.” in census notes =Pamunkey Reservation, then formally recognized by state.)

Census 1830, 1840, “free coloured” unless otherwise noted. Census 1850, 1860, “mulatto” unless otherwise noted.Census 1870, “Indian” unless otherwise noted. Census 1880, Indians not listed, with few exceptions.Census 1890, burned in Washington. Census 1900, 1910, “Indian” section (not used here, except for less common names.)

ANNE: Pamunkey leader; first appears by petition of Aug. 1706 (Palmer 1875, I: 105). Also petitioned in 1708 (Palmer, 1875, I: 127-128) and 1715 (Palmer1875, I: 184-185. She may also be the unnamed queen in other documents between 1705 and 1723.

ACREY, ELIZA (b. 1834): K. Wm. woman, shown on 1870 census as living out in County, aged 36 (and “white” with daughter Lucy E. (7) and (boarder?) Bertie Hill (17, “black”); shown in 1880 census as living out in County,aged 51 (and “white”), with daughter Susan and…

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Prince Hall Masons


Prince Hall Masons of Maryland trace their history to Massachusetts and Prince Hall, who is believed to been born the year of 1735 and died on December 4, 1807. I am assuming my gggrandfather German Downes belong to the Seventh Masonic District which consist of Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Annes’, and Talbot Counties. I had read an article in the newspaper that mention that members of the order which German Downes belonged to assisted in preparing his grave after someone had vandalize it several years after his death.

German’s grandson Wilson Downes was Past Worthy Patron of Olive Branch Lodge No. 93 in  Caroline County Maryland. German’s great-grandson had moved to Philadelphia and joined the Pennsylvania’s Prince Hall Masons.


Uncle reginald

Reginald Downes

My uncle Reginald joined and was raised to a Master Mason in Light of Elmwood Lodge #45 in 1990. He went to Temple Lodge in 1994 and was appointed Senior Deacon and later became Worship Master of Temple Lodge #22. He served as Worshipful Master several times.He served as High Priest of King Solomon Chapter #1 Holy Royal Arch, Deputy Master, Hiram King of Tyre of Charles E. Gordon Consistory #65. He received his 33rd degree from Charles E. Consistory #65. He was Illustrious Potentate of Minaret temple #174. He received several outstanding achievement awards that included, Noble of the Year Award, Sublime Prince of the Year, Holy Arch Companion of the Year and many more to numerous to mention.



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Maryland’s Eastern Shore


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Close relations of the slaves and indentured servants

Close relations of the slaves and indentured servants

Run away in April last from Richard Tilghman of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland a Mulatto slave, Named Richard Mol- son, of Middle stature, about forty years old, and has had the Small Pox, HE IS IN COMPANY WITH A WHITE WOMAN NAMED MARY, WHO IS SUPPOSED NOW GOES FOR HIS WIFE; AND A WHITE MAN NAMED GARRETT CHOISE, AND JANE HIS WIFE, which said White People are servants to some Neighbors of the said Richard Tilghman. The said fuga- tives are Supposed to be gone to Carolinas or some other of his Majestys Plantations in America. Whoever shall apprehend the said Fugatives and cause them to be committed into safe custody, and give Notice thereof to their Owners shall be well rewarded. The white man has one of his fore fingers disabled. Whoever shall carry them to the Sheriff of Philadelphia shall have Twenty Pounds current money paid him or them or shall convey the Molatta to the said sheriff shall have Ten Pounds, or whoever shall convey the Molatta to the said Richard Tilghhan shall have Fifteen Pounds reward. — The American Weekly Mercury (Philadelphia) , Aug. 11, Aug. 25 and Sept. 1, 1720.

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FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS OF MARYLAND AND DELAWARE by Paul Heinegg stated that        ” During the colonial period in Maryland and Delaware: Over 600 free, mixed-race children were born to white women by African-American men. Fewer owned land than did their counterparts in Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina.They had closer relations with the slave population than did their counterparts in Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina. Although some claim Native American ancestry, the evidence indicates that most are direct descendants of mixed-race children of white women.”


white indentured_whipping

In 1661 Maryland enacted a law declared that “divers free-born English women, forgetful of their free conditions, and to the disgrace of our nation do intermarry with Negro slaves,” and to deter these “shameful matches” the law provided that women who so marry, and their off-spring, should themselves become slaves.

In 1692 Maryland enacted a law which punished white women who had children by slaves by selling them as servants for seven years and binding their children to serve until the age of twenty-one if they were married to the slave, and till thirty-one if they were not married.

In 1715 and 1728 the Maryland General Assembly made the mixed-race descendants of white women who had children by slaves subject to the same punishments as white women. They were sold as servants for seven year terms, and their children were bound until the age of thirty-one. However, if they had a child by a free person, they were usually charged with fornication and received the same sentence as if both partners had been white: a fine or lashes, and their children were bound until the age of twenty-one (for boys) and sixteen (for girls) [Archives of Maryland, 30:289-90; 36:275-76; Laws of Maryland, 1715, chapter 44, section 25, cited by Wright, The Free Negro in Maryland, 27-8].

Free Mixed Race Children of White Women Listed In Inventories of Maryland

Queen Anne’s County Maryland

Aldridge, Campbell, Cornish, Davis (2 children), Flamer, Gibson, Green, Hall (2 children), Harding, Hawkins, Hopkins (2 children), McDaniel (2 children), Miller, Morgan, Natt (2 children), Nicholson, Pritchett, Reed, Roberts (2 children), Robinson (2 children), Scott, Simiter (2 children), Southwood, Stewart, Suitor, Webber, Whittam. 35 children. Also: unnamed child left at Benjamin Denny’s, Chance, Dazey, Hoy, Lang, Lewellin, Neuth, Sarah, Sheahea. Total: 44 children.
Court records before 1709 and 1720-1727 did not survive.


Somerset County Maryland

Armwood, Barton, Bass, Buley, Butler, Cambridge, Conner, Dogan, Donaldson (2 children), Downs, Duffy, Fortune (3 children), Frost, Hodgskin, Jervice (2 children), Johnson, Magee (4 children), Miller, Nutt, Redding, Richards, Roach, Roberts, Shaver, Walker, Winslow. 32 children. Also: Blackbourne, Gloster, Heather, Jones (2 children), Leopard, Logan (2 families), Smith, Tiror. Total: 43 children


1. Eliza Downes, born say 1708, was the servant of Sarah Dashiell of Stepney Parish on 15 March 1725/6 when the Somerset County court ordered that she be sold for seven years for having an illegitimate child [Judicial Record 1725-7, 97]. She may have been the ancestor of

i. Paddy, “N.” head of a Muddy Branch, Little Creek, Kent County household of 4 “other free” in 1800 [DE:31].

ii. James, “N.” head of a St. Jones Hundred, Kent County, Delaware household of 8 “other free” in 1800 [DE;46].

iii. James, head of a Little Creek, Kent County household of 7 “other free” in 1800 [DE:40].

iv. Isaac, head of a Dover Hundred, Kent County household of 3 “free colored” in 1820 [DE:35].

v. Charles, (Negro) head of a Caroline County household of 7 “other free” in 1810 [MD:194].

vi. Ben, “Negro” head of a Caroline County household of 7 “other free” in 1810 [MD:195].

vii. Daniel, “Negro” head of a Caroline County household of 5 “other free” in 1810 [MD:195].


Prince George’s County

1. William Downs, born say 1765, was a “free negro” head of a Prince George’s County household of 8 “other free” in 1800 [MD:303]. He was probably the father of

i. Robert, born about 1792, obtained a certificate of freedom in Anne Arundel County on 3 September 1816: aged about twenty four years .. . brown complexion … free born and … raised in the County [Certificates of Freedom 1810-31, 89].




Members of the Flamer family were

i. John1, born say 1717, a “Molatto” servant man having “eleven months and 15” to serve and valued at 4 pounds in the inventory of the Queen Anne’s County estate of William Hernsley on 28 October 1737 [Prerogative Inventories 1737-1739, 45-6]. He had an illegitimate child by Elizabeth Grinnage in September 1736 [Judgment Record 1735-9, 344, 382]. He may have been identical to Jonathan Flamar who owed 994 pounds to the Queen Anne’s County estate of Solomon Clayton (who died in 1739) [Prerogative Inventories 98:18-22].

1        ii. Rachel, born say 1720.

2        iii. Judith, born say 1722.

1.    Rachel Flamer, born say 1720, a “poor old Woman,” was supported from public funds by the Queen Anne’s County from 12 December 1775 to 1787. She was called a “poor molatto woman” by the court when it approved her allowance for 1777 [Surles, and they Appeared at Court, 1774-1777, 65, 80; 1779, 1782, 1785, 1786, 1787, 35, 53, 89, 96, 117]. She may have been the ancestor of

i. William, a “Molatto” servant man having “eleven months and 15” to serve and valued at 4 pounds in the inventory of the Queen Anne’s County estate of William Hernsley on 28 October 1737 [Prerogative Inventories 1737-1739, 45-6].

2.    Judith Flamer, born say 1722, was the servant (no race indicated) of Mark Hargadine of Saint Paul’s Parish in March 1745 when the Queen Anne’s County court convicted her of having an illegitimate child named John in 1742 and another child in 1743. In August 1750 she confessed to having other children on 10 June 1747 and 10 December 1748 [Judgment Record 1744-6, 161-2; 1750, 40-2]. She was a spinster living in St. Paul’s Parish when she received 30 lashes and was ordered to pay four-fold the value for stealing a hog worth 40 pounds [Criminal Record 1751-9, n.p.]. She owed the estate of Thomas Kendall 4 pounds, 19 shillings on 10 August 1756 [Prerogative Inventories 73:243]. She was the mother of

i. John2, born on 10 October 1742, a “black” taxable in the Upper Hundred of Kent Island, Queen Anne’s County in 1776 [MSA 148], married to Sherry Grinnage‘s daughter Sarah on 1 November 1790 when Sherry gave her 5 pounds currency by his Caroline County will [WB JR B:168-70].

ii. ?Ann, mother of William and John Flamer (no race indicated) who were with George Sweat on 26 January 1774 when the Queen Anne’s County court ordered him to bring them to court [Surles, and they Appeared at Court, 1774-1777, 41], perhaps identical to the “Molatto girl named Nan” who was valued at 16 pounds in the inventory of the Queen Anne’s County estate of William Hernsley on 28 October 1737 [Prerogative Inventories 1737-1739, 45-6].

iii. ?Solomon, head of a Queen Anne’s County household of 9 “other free” in 1790 [MD:99] and 9 in 1800 [MD:341].

iv. ?William, head of a Talbot County household of 1 “other free” and 3 slaves in 1800 [MD:506].


1.    Ann Pritchard, born say 1748, was a spinster living in Queen Anne’s County on 10 May 1767 when she had an illegitimate “Molatto” child by a “Negro man.” The court ordered that she be sold for seven years after she completed her service to James Sudler [Judgment Records 1766-7, part 1, CD image 100]. She was probably the mother of the five-year-old “Mulatto” girl serving until the age of twenty-one when she was listed in the Queen Anne’s County inventory of James Sudler on 8 April 1773 [Prerogative Inventories 113:199]. She may have been the ancestor of

i. Silas Pritchett, manumitted by Solomon Barwell in Kent County, Delaware, on 20 October 1786 [Delaware Archives RG 3555.55], head of a Kent County, Maryland household of 5 “other free” in 1800 [MD:63].

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