King and Queen County, Virginia


I was in high school and my first impromptu interview about my ancestors was with my paternal grandmother Mary Grace Acree. We were in her sitting room and I started to ask her questions. I don’t remember how it came up, but she told me that her father Oliver Acree was Cherokee Indian. Since my father nor neither one of the vast amount of paternal family members had never mention this to me, I pretty much disregard it, I even remember telling her that just because your father had straight black hair did not make him Indian. Everybody and his brother insist that they have Cherokee in them. I told her that most likely that you have a White overseer as an ancestor, Years had past and all my elders had died, when I heard the whispers again to find my ancestors. I was not listening when they were whispering when I was younger and my elders were living. No I had to tune my ears, when there was no one to ask. Two years ago I google my grandmother’s great-grandfather Ruffin Acree,  I found an old post on  Acree Family Genealogy Forum dated December 25, 1998,

Merry Christmas greetings from Canada.

I am doing Powhatan genealogy, and I am looking for ancestors/ descendants of Ruffin Acree (b. 1821) of King and Queen County, Virginia, and his wife Peggy Ann (b. 1830). They had one son, Leroy/Lee (b. 1861 – d. 1910) who had two marriages, both with women named Byrd. I see a lot of Acrees today named Cathy Lee and Deborah Lee, etc., which curiously indicates some affinity for “Lee” among the Acrees. Any information you have will be gladly received and reciprocated. Best regards.


There it was my first connection to what my grandmother had told me. So I doubted that the email address that Rarihowats had left was still valid. But I wrote him anyways. To my surprise he wrote me back. Rarihowats is the Powhatan nation’s historian/genealogist, He had enlighten me that the expression that someone has Native American in them is not correct. The expression is that I had ancestors that lived the life as Native Americans. My Acree lineage was of the Rappahannock nation, Most live in Essex, Caroline and King and Queen counties.  The next few blogs will be about my voyage with the Acrees.

8 thoughts on “King and Queen County, Virginia

  1. AAGSAR (@AAGSARFacebook)

    Whenever I get discouraged & question whether I’m doing enough or if the folks I’m attempting to help really get it, the Ancestors will send me a sign; encouragement to let me know they are working. This is their show. Today they work through you. I remember your once questioning whether or not you could believe this work is Spiritual but I know you know the answer now. Ancestors want their memories & stories back. They want freedom. They respect honesty & reverence. I see all of that in you Steph. Proud doesn’t even begin to cover it…. Luckie

  2. Candace Lynch

    Looking forward to what you discover about the Acrees. I have been stumped on placing my “free people of color” in Caroline County who oral history says were Cherokee (wrong location) but I am beginning to believe were also a part of the Rappahannock Nation..Grymes/Grimes.

  3. Stephani Post author

    Candace, I will keep an eye out on the Grimes during my research and I will put the future posts of the Eastern shore ancestors on my Pieces of Me.

  4. Robin

    I am going to have to say, You are not alone. I knew nothing of my Mothers side and seems Acree is one of them. I am finding them from the spot people say they
    rest” But they are actually hard at work helping me to belong. Right is never wrong and wrong will never be right. If you need help count on the ones you thought to be “dead” they are our family , still here by our side…

  5. Tony Hurley

    I live on the upper Eastern Shore of MD but my family’s roots are from the lower shore of MD and VA. My 3rd great grandmother was Mary Puckum. Her mother was Nancy Puckum and was listed as a Nanticoke Indian. Her father was John Puckum . His wife was Jone Johnson who was the daughter of Anthony Johnson and Mary Johnson. They had the first Non slave African American child born in the United States. We have always identified ourselves as being part Native American ; but whispers and hushed talk of older family members mentioned our African American ancestors. Would you please help me make the necessary connections so that I can formulate my family tree?


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