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Gouldtown New Jersey has been called the oldest colored settlement in America, 40 miles from Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Ebony, Feb 1952 and courtesy of Lishia Durham Heard and D. Robert Dunn

9 thoughts on ““America’s Oldest Negro Coummunity” “Gouldtown traces it’s history back 250 years…”

  1. D Hicks

    I heard about this town last year while searching my Pearce/Pierce and Carter lines. Nice to be refreshed on the story.

  2. trebord

    I found your articles on Melungeons enlightening! Thanks for doing the research and sharing. Also, thanks for the credit on the Ebony post. D Robert Dunn (trebord)

  3. Bettie Rogers

    Am searching for the Wilson family of Gouldtown.
    Albert Wilson later moved to Pleasantville, NJ, married Hortense Babb and was a sergeant on the police force there. 1940’s-1950’s.

  4. Henry Stein

    I first heard of Gouldtown in the book ‘Blue Highways’; a very good read. The origin of the town is the shipwreck of a Princess traveling on an Egyptian merchant ship in the early 18th century and her crew. Location: Delaware Bay near Greenwich, NJ in Cumberland County. There where native
    ‘indians’ and west African people some free because presence of Quacker Frends in that area they mixed with each other and many bare the name Gould to this day. References: https://library.princeton.edu/njmaps/counties/cumberland.html On the 1862 map just below where the Gould’s owned land. Here is a modern map zip is 08302 By logic rime and reason I believe that a human is one who acknowledges the virtues: like Appreciation, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor & Compassion. If we learn and practice & teach virtue and its value we will have a better life.

    1. Pam Say

      Sorry noticed incomplete sentences. I wanted to say I am searching my ancestry and wanted more info about the Gould’s. I am already connected my Uncle Mark Gould.


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