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Acree DNA Project

DNA project

Charles Acree established the Acree Surname DNA Project at the Ancestry.com testing firm in August 2006 and have administered it since then.

The project currently has more than forty participants. All of them live in the U.S., with the exception of three U.K. participants. In December 2012 the project was established also at the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) firm, providing an alternative testing environment.

Through a combination of DNA testing and genealogical research, the project has met its primary objectives – finding that most Acrees living in the U.S. descend from an early-18th-century immigrant with origins in the English-Scottish border area and that a substantial minority descend from an unrelated contemporary British immigrant with the surname Akers.

Any male bearer of the surname Acree or its above-mentioned variants is invited to participate. The project compares the unique Y-Chromosome (Y-STR) segments that fathers pass intact to their sons, which remain stable from generation to generation, with only minor, infrequent mutational changes. Females may participate by convincing an Acree-surnamed male relative (grandfather, father, brother, uncle, cousin or nephew) to provide the requisite DNA as a representative of her line.

Further details are provided on the project’s webpages, listed below.


Acree Surname DNA Project (independent homepage): http://acreetree.net/ydnaacree.html

Origin of the Acree Surname: http://acreetree.net/ydnaorigin.html

Earlier Acrees (including deep ancestry): http://acreetree.net/ydnamap1.html

Documentation of Acree Progenitors (in the U.S.): http://acreetree.net/ydnadocs1.html

Later Acrees (in the U.S.): http://acreetree.net/ydnamap2.html

Acree Surname DNA Project – Press Release (August 31, 2006): http://acreetree.net/ydnapress.html

Acree Project History: http://acreetree.net/ydnahistory.html

Acree Project Lineages (in the U.S.): http://acreetree.net/ydnalines.html

Acree Surname DNA Project at Ancestry.com: http://groups.ancestry.com/group/35373197

Acree Surname DNA Project at FTDNA: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/acree/

A Facebook group has been established as the Acree Family History, Genealogy & DNA Project (with more than 450 current members) at:



Charles Acree professional profile may be seen at:


Contact details

For further information, contact:

Mr Charles Acree
E-mail: acree@one-name.org

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